Thielke Arboretum Rules and Regulations

  1. No Alcohol Beverages Allowed on the property at any time.
  2. No Smoking on the property at any time. We are a smoke-free environment.
  3. Groups of 10 or more must have an Arboretum Use Permit to use the Trails. Click here to obtain rules and regulations when renting the Grounds or the Vielbig/Scerbo Environmental Education Center, 
  4. One supervising adult must accompany every nine children (12 & under) in a group.
  5. Radios and televisions are NOT permitted.
  6. Do not move picnic tables, benches or trash receptacles.
  7. Fires or barbecues are NOT permitted.
  8. No foraging, removal, moving, or damaging of any plant, wood, fungi, animal, stone, or any other material. 
  9. No public Parking or Auto Traffic is allowed on the grounds.  
  10. Please clean up all Trash. What you bring in you take out.
  11. All pets must be on a six-foot lead. You MUST clean up after your pets.
  12. No Swimming.  Swimming is NOT permitted in the pond.
  13. No Ice Skating or walking onto the ice.
  14. You are allowed to fish in our pond! However, we have a catch and release policy. If you catch anything, you must release it back into the pond. 
  15. Please do NOT feed the ducks or other wildlife.
  16. The park is open from dawn to dusk, 365 days.
  17. Weddings:  Rice, Confetti and Bubbles harm the environment. Use Bird Seed.
  18. Weddings: If glasses are to be broken, be sure they are wrapped.
  19. Structures: A ceremonial Chuppah, is acceptable, other structures are not.
  20. Professional photography requires a permit. This can be purchased here.