Reserve the Thielke Arboretum!

Building shown is the Vielbig/Scerbo EEC
We have 3 areas that can be reserved for your private event:
  1. The Gazebo and Pond area (the Grounds) can be rented by current Arboretum members at any level  (join now).

  2. The Thomas Vielbig and Thomas Scerbo Environmental Education Center (Vielbig/Scerbo EEC) can be rented by current Arboretum members at the Supporting Level ($100/year) or higher (join now).
  3. The Trails (membership not required). Groups of 10 or more require a Use Permit (Fee is $5/person for self-guided walks). Fill out Reservation Request Form, or email us at to request a Use Permit.

Go to RESERVATION REQUEST FORM now or keep scrolling for more information on Grounds and EEC rentals. Apologies but at this time, we are only able to rent out our facilities for private events. If you will be charging a fee to attend your event, we are unable to consider your request.

​We welcome you to hold your special event at the Thielke Arboretum! While we are open to various types of celebratory gatherings, our venue is most suited for gatherings that are aligned with the arboretum’s setting: peaceful, serene, and residential. We are not set up, nor are we equipped to handle groups who are looking for venues with more of a “party” atmosphere, as noise levels and possible rowdy behavior may disturb other patrons of the Arboretum or residents in the area.

Consider the Grounds and/or the Vielbig/Scerbo EEC for your private event such as:
  • Engagement Parties
  • Bridal Showers
  • Birthday Parties
  • Retirement Parties
  • Weddings
  • Gender Reveal Parties
  • Graduation Parties
  • Art/Photography Exhibits
  • Corporate Events
  • Etc.

Capacity for the Vielbig/Scerbo EEC and Grounds
Vielbig/Scerbo EEC Main Room
  • Seated: 48
  • Standing: 50
  • Max Room Capacity 50
Vielbig/Scerbo EEC Conference Room
  • 15
  • Max Room Capacity 15
Grounds (Gazebo and Pond Area)
  • Seated: 25
  • Standing: 50

Rental Fees for the Vielbig/Scerbo EEC and Grounds*
Vielbig/Scerbo EEC Main Room
  • $350 for up to 50 people Max.
  • Must be a Member of the Friends of the Glen Rock Arboretum, Inc. at the $100 level
  • Rental fees are for ​up to 6 hours
  • Includes use of the
    ​conference room
  • $200 security deposit
Vielbig/Scerbo EEC Conference Room
  • $20 per hour for up to 17 people
  • For meeting use only (eg, no parties)
  • Only available for rent when the ​EEC Building is open
  • No security deposit
Grounds (Gazebo and Pond Area)
  • $100 for 50 or less people​
  • Must be a member of the Friends of the Glen Rock Arboretum, Inc.
  • Rental fees are for up to 6 hours
  • $100 security deposit
*501(c)3 organizations, clubs, religious groups, and other organizations listed on the Glen Rock Borough website​ will receive a 50% discount on fees for the EEC and Grounds. Conference room rental fees will be waived for these organizations. EEC and Grounds rentals are separate rentals, fees are additive.

Please note that we are not a full-service organization.

hielke Arboretum asks that you use only paper products for your event, photo shoot, or function at the Environmental Education Center or anywhere in the arboretum.  No plastic cups, plates, utensils or tablecloths. Please avoid single-use plastics like water bottles, shopping bags, etc.
As a side note – ‘compostable plastic’ is NOT ok for the environment and does not degrade – paper is always a better option.

You will need to provide most everything for your event, as well as setup, breakdown, and clean up. We will send you our complete Rules, Regulations, and Policies after you have filled out and submitted the request form below.


    After you submit this request, we will email you to let you know if your requested date and time is available. We will also send you rules, regulations, and policies  for using the Arboretum Grounds, EEC, and/or Trails.
    Please provide the following details in the box below:
    1. ​Date & time of event
    2. Type of event (birthday, wedding, nature walk, etc.)
    Questions? E-mail us at